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According to my birth certificate I entered this world on November the 19th 1975 and could not get back to the world I lived in the previous 9 month.
Even though my birth has been the most dramatic experience in my entire existence, I can not remember anything of it. I guess the pressure under which my body had to suffer while getting presst trough a narrow tunnel, the bright light suddently blinding my eyes, the contacts and movements which my body felt for the first time, the great noise hiting my drum skin and the sudden lack of oxygen forcing my lungs to suck in cold air for the first time traumatised me so much that I still opress all memories of it.

My birth was pretty straining for my mother too of course, but she already managed 2 before. The birth of my sister 3 years ealier, and even a bit before that her very own.
The most concern of my dad that evening was, that my mum could have given birth to me in the VW-Beatle on the way to the hospitale.

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