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Sunday Times

During my Newspaper Design and Infographics course Gordon Becket, Design Editor of the Sunnday Times, asked us students to redesign the cover of the Sunnday Times. And this is my layout.

UK Shooting

During my studies Jimm Jennings, Vice President & Editorial Director of Thompson Newspaper and Society for News Design Foundation President, gave us the task to layout an article on a shooting at the University of Kentucky, including an infographic.

Enviromental Guardian

We had to create a supplement for The Guardian, about enviromental issues. Therefore we had to research, write and layout an article.

I wrote an article about the 1997 forrestfires in Indonisia, their cause and effect on the region. I designed the article as a 4 page fold out right in the middle of the supplement.

Hunting Yoyos

We were given the article Huntin Yoyos, and had to come up with a layout for it. We also were asked to integrate an infographic about one aspect of yoyos into the layout.

Newcastle student

The local student newspaper Newcastle Student was thinking of a redesign for their frontpage and asked us to come up with some ideas.

Weser Kurier

I have redesigned the frontpage of Bremens local newspaper just for practise. I showed it to the "Chef vom Dienst" of the Weser Kurier, who was very impressed.

California‘s gas chamber is back

I had to layout an article about the first execution after 25 years in California. It was ment for the frontpage of a big american newspaper.

Castro‘s Cuba

Each student had to write 2 articles and to do the layout for The Guardians supplement G2. The first article had to have something to do with the temptation of Eve in the Garden of Eden. The second article had to be related to the first. As the first visit of the pope to Cuba was very big in the media at that time, I wrote an article about the revolutionary past of Cuba. (Garden of Eden => Paradise =>Caribean Sea => Cuba / Temptation => Revolution)

The second article was about the illegal Cuban imigrants in Florida.

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