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Zellgemeinde Bremen   Kate Schlüter-Read designed the layout for the website of our local cellchurch, and I did the html and css programming.


Millfield   I got the layout for www.millfield-online.de as a Photoshop file from Kate Schlüter-Read, and put it into practice.


ToHuus   I programmed the website for the guest house "to Huus". It is designed by Owen Griffiths and myself.

Marc`s html-Tutorial

html Tutorial   I wrote a HTML-tutorial for my colligues during my time a the computer consulting firm Consultix. Unfortunatly it is just written in German.

other work
Among others I programmed the following websites during the time I worked as a screendesigner for Consultix.
As the sites have changed since I programmed them, there is not much left of my work so it makes no sence for me to link them.

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