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Pablo Picasso

Hi my name is Pablo Picasso and, -ehm well, unfortunately I am dead.

Somehow it is really funny, since I am dead my paintings are worth a fortune, and people are interessted in my life and some of them even think that I am, - well, was a genius.
I know my work journy to Paris could be classified as sequential art, but I regret not to have made any other comic. An autobiography is something I still would like to paint. But the problem with an autobiography is that it is never finished, because either you are still live and kicking and therefor your autobiography would be incomplere, or you are, like me, dead and therefor unable to write it.

One thing we do up here, besides playing the harp, which I am not really good at, is reading comics. We really got an exellent comic retailer up here, but for some reasone he does not sell Spawn or the Crow.
I really adore the graphic novells by Will Eisner, who has got such a talent in visual story telling. And the artwork of Alex Ross is just awesome, but it only works together with the appropriate writing like in Marvels, Kingdome come or Uncle Sam. The magnificent paintings are a bit stiff, they apear to be a pause in time, just like old photos. This leaves it up to the writing to bring you through the story, and that is how it should work in my autobiography. Unfortunately we have nothing up here to draw or paint on, only clay to make sculptures.

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