My name is Marc, Marc Zie~iesmer and I love Forrest Gump!
Even though my mum is from the north-east of England, English is still a foreign language for me, but I hope you can cope with the mistakes I make.
For a better orientation I would like to give you some hints in advance, so the website doesn't stay like a box of choclate to you, where you don't know what you gonna get.

The siteseeingtour shows you how the website is constructed and the sitemap should help you to find what you are looking for faster . The questionmark might help you if you have a question. Just click on this website if you want to know what this whole website is all about. You will find the copyright information and the legal satement in the imprint.

you can send me an e-mail, if you would like to contact me.

This website is divided in the following 4 sections:

Tough Hammer Cartoons:
here I publish my strips and other comics.
creative writing:
here I publish my stories.
my work:
here you can see the work I did during my studies and during the time I worked for Welt am Sonntag
about me:
here I write a bit more about me and my personal thaughts and interests

explanation of symbols in use

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